Three Useful Building Tips

Three Useful Building Tips

When building anything from a shed to a house, there are many issues and problems that can arise, many of which are easy fixes! Mixing Concrete The following mix creates a typical More »


The Future of Trades People?

In these days of technological advancements it can seem as if physical trades people are becoming redundant. It is clear that many businesses are moving to online platforms. For example, the number of brick and mortar casinos are dropping each year, while record numbers of people are enjoying Betway casino and other pic1 (1) online gambling apps.

So where does this leave the humble carpenter, or plumber? As ever, the world is changing and trades either have to adapt or become redundant. Some trades are actually thriving these days, with electricians and plumbers in constant high demand. The need for functional electrics is rising, and we’ll be relying on waterworks for the foreseeable future.

It’s more traditional trades such as joinery that are suffering most. With large factories producing anything from windows to staircases in bulk, at a fraction of the price a joiner could, they’re standing on shaky ground. There’s also the worry that PVC is becoming increasingly more popular than wood. As such, joiners are slowly becoming redundant.

Fortunately, they have a couple of aces up their sleeve. The quality of their work far surpasses that of mass produced factory works. They’re also able to work to custom specifications with no problem. While PVC doors and windows can be seen more or less everywhere, a high quality wooden equivalent is becoming rare. As a result, they’re becoming far more desirable than they were previously.

Big spenders are happy to pay more for a stunning, top quality solid oak staircase or front door. This is a niche that joiners are evolving to fill. Bespoke pieces of work that far outclass the competition allow them to keep afloat.

But where does the future lead us? Already, we’re seeing less brick and mortar houses and more constructed from cheaper, more workable materials. In twenty years time will there be a need for bricklayers? Traditional trades are certainly dwindling, but fortunately not disappearing forever. There are now new trades to learn, while old fashioned ones become more niche and bespoke.

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