Three Useful Building Tips

Three Useful Building Tips

When building anything from a shed to a house, there are many issues and problems that can arise, many of which are easy fixes! Mixing Concrete The following mix creates a typical More »


How Can You Become A Qualified Tradesperson?

More and more people are quitting the day job in favour of joining the ranks of tradespeople. The idea of working for yourself is certainly appealing, and the joy of physical work is a big lure. But what does it take to become a trades personprogetti? First it’s important to work out which trade you would like to learn. Some require far more intensive courses and training than others and some are very location specific.

Many people opt for home renovation type work. Having done work in their own homes and enjoyed it, it seems a no brainer. There are no set requirements other than a CSCS card for those wanting to work on construction sites, though it may be worth taking a part time college course in the evenings to learn the basics.

On the other hand, to become a qualified plumber requires hands on working experience as an apprentice, plus completion of a training course. To become Gas Safe registered there are even more steps and courses necessary. In addition, there are additional steps to be qualified in other countries

Indeed, in the majority of trades it’s well worth completing an apprenticeship to really learn the ins and outs of a job. These range in length, from a year to four years in most cases.

If you don’t want to complete an apprenticeship you can probably rule out a lot of trades. However, there are evening classes you can take to learn a number of basic skills and gain basic qualifications to get you started.

For anyone who wants to work on construction sites, you will need to possess a CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). There are different types of cards relating to varying trades and you will need to show proof of your qualifications. You will also be required to pass a health and safety exam.

You can of course create your own workshop making whatever you are capable of, with an aim to sell online or locally. Just beware it can take a while to get your name out there.

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