Three Useful Building Tips

Three Useful Building Tips

When building anything from a shed to a house, there are many issues and problems that can arise, many of which are easy fixes! Mixing Concrete The following mix creates a typical More »


Essential DIY Toolkit

If you’re looking to do a bit more around the house, rather than relying on getting the builders in for every little thing that needs attention, you’re going to need maxresdefault (11)some basic tools. For most jobs, you’ll only need the bare basics, so you can start off with a small but useful toolkit. Of course as time goes by you will want to add to it.

It’s well worth investing in higher quality tools, rather than cheap alternatives. Cheap options won’t last long and you’ll find yourself wasting more money replacing them again and again. A good quality tool will last many years of regular use and will pay for itself many times before it gives up the ghost.


A typical, medium weight claw hammer will be useful for a vast array of jobs. It won’t be too heavy for delicate work, but it should be heavy enough for most normal tasks. It will pale in comparison to a sledge hammer, but you’re unlikely to need such a heavy tool for most jobs.

Tape Measure

No matter how long your tape is, you will wish it was longer. Eight metres is a good start. Look for tape lock features for ease of use and a belt clip to ensure you don’t lose it.


There are several saws you might require, though a good selection would be a tenon saw, a crosscut and a hack saw (for metal work). You’re not likely to need anything bigger that a crosscut saw, which is ideal for cutting boards and larger lengths of timber. A tenon saw is ideal for finer work.

Cordless Drill

An 18 volt cordless drill, with a hammer drill function will ensure you have a tool for any situation, from screwing to boring into masonry.

Adjustable Wrench

This is invaluable as you can adjust to fit almost any size. It’s worth having a few spanners as well, but for most nuts and bolts, one of these will do the job.

Crow Bar

Always useful when dismantling structures or even removing stubborn nails.

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