Three Useful Building Tips

Three Useful Building Tips

When building anything from a shed to a house, there are many issues and problems that can arise, many of which are easy fixes! Mixing Concrete The following mix creates a typical More »


Building a House From Scratch

To have the freedom to make your own, unique space that is perfectly suited to you and your family is a dream that most consider almost impossible. At the very least you’d need to be extremely rich, or so you might think.

Flat Pack Wooden Houses

This fairly new concept gives the traditional prefab house a face lift. They are pre constructed and subsequently deconstructed, before being shipped to you to erect. There is a huge variety available, in a range of materials, Wooden-House-Design-ideas-Minimalist-modern-Classic-elegance-for-best-modelsizes and styles.

The most basic are very compact, but can be built within a few days with just a screwdriver. These are normally less than four metres tall with just one room, and a sleeping space in the “attic”. They’re ideal for anyone looking to live off grid and can be fitted with solar panels.

With developments in the materials and tools used in the construction of buildings, it’s becoming ever more affordable to build your own house from scratch. No longer do you have to dream of winning the lottery or scooping the jackpot on and, in fact, it can be far cheaper than buying a normal house.

At the other end of the scale are larger, more luxurious full sized houses, featuring as many rooms as you wish. In fact the whole design is down to you. They’re typically constructed from solid wooden logs and are fully insulated and ready to connect to the mains. You’d typically need to get builders to erect larger models. The downside with any flat pack house is that you need to have land on which to erect them first.

3D Printed Houses

With advances in 3D printing technology the day was bound to come when buildings too would be printed. Companies are now able to print simple, spacious houses in as little as 24 hours. These are structurally sound and can be quickly insulated and finished inside and out. They’re not widely produced just yet, but it seems like 3D printing will become a quick, affordable way to construct houses in the near future.

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